Friday, 9 March 2012

Things i'm loving

So these are some of the things in my life that i am loving right now. Check out the button on the right at to see what others are loving.

Crinkly hair after it has been in plaits all night. Remember doing this?

Home made bread! Whoop Whoop

Family fun

Yeah the sprinkler

My daughter is so passionate about this. I have posted this already but please take a look. It is a cause worth standing up for, and please share this on your blog or facebook or tweet it etc


  1. Oh yay, hello there fellow mumma of 4 (do you have 3 girls then a boy like me too??) Such fun, i do the plaits with my long blondie too, nothing like the 80's crimp look on a 10 year old!! Greetings for your latest follower, love Posie

    1. Hey :) my fam goes girl, boy, girl, boy. Then puppy. I love finding people with similar loves

  2. Oh goodness, you sew & bake bread too, hello twin, love Posie

  3. Oh I love that hair!!! So stoked to find another mum of 4, crochet and Jesus nut too. Yipee!!!