Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hey Baby

So I hosted a baby shower today for one of my best friends. It was really fun. I decided on a kind of bunting heavy, cool scrapbook paper, doily, typed theme ha ha. You will get the idea with the pics. 

I made a really good carrot cake with the best cream cheese icing. So it is only the second carrot cake i have ever made!!!!!!!! The first was just after tama and I got married. I didn't really have all the correct ingredients so I was kinda like oh this will do, and this, and it will be ok without this..... boy was I wrong!!!!!!!!!! it was tiny, like hardly rose at all, and the cooler it got the harder it became until it was time to cut it and the knife didn't even make it in a cm led alone the whole cake. 

I am pleased to say todays cake was great, moist (aarrghh hate that word) lots of flavour and a hit.

Instead of using the words baby shower I decided to call the day 'Hey Baby' kind of like a welcome to the little one.

Lots of fun games, great food and drink, laughs and wonderful presents.

At the bottom of our door is a board with blackboard paint so I wrote a wee welcome sign for everyone

My yummy cake :)

I grabbed the clip boards from church and attached doliys with 'Hey Baby' written on them and a pen for all the games so people could lean on them.

Guess the weight, date, sex. Cute little cards I cut out and tied together with twine. I typed them up on my daughters typewriter.

I made a wee book out of cool paper for people to write a prayer, blessing or some advice for the new baby and mum and dad.

Some of the pages. I did them all sorts of colours and shapes and sizes and sewed them altogether

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

done and dusted!!!!!!!!!

I have just posted my final essay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't quite believe it. After 3 years of study it is all wrapped up and only the student loan remains, but really who care about that! :)
I am just so pleased it's done. I won't know what to do with my self. But actually I do, I have so many things I have not done and put to the side because of my study. The biggest has been my fitness and my craft. I just have had no spare time for these things because nagging in the back of my mind was always  the next essay.

I have a list of things I really really want to do this term so here goes:

My fitness!!!!!!!!! it's quite hard to believe i actually used to be fit, in fact i actually used to run often an hour a day!!!!!!!!!! I have put on 5kgs this winter and while the weight does not bother me the fact that i don't fit my clothes and fell all gross does. So in the weekend I brought some new running pants (don't lie I know you all do it too, buy new gear when you begin your new exercise kick :) and I will be using them 2moro morning.

Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so many book I can't wait to read. I LOVE reading but really just felt guilty and didn't have the time cause of all my massive loads of txt books. I have some wonderful Alexander M'Call-Smith books just waiting for me....yay.

Quilting: I have the best quilt ever to finish. Last christmas I made me and my sisters memory quilts out of fabric from both grandmothers, mum and my stash. I finished theirs but not mine!!!!!!!! and i can't wait to get it done. My sewing machine does not have a quilting foot so it's the old school way and all done by hand. 

My room: tama made us a new bed and bedside cabinets and that inspired me do give our room a mini makeover. I have started with making a great cushion and finding some fabric to re cover a lamp but there are so many things yet to do. I need to remember to take before and after pics too!!!!!

My rose garden and vege garden: It really is so so so bad. It needs some tender loving care, it is terrible!! poor garden, not a lot of weeding or pruning NO tender loving care, so that is a must!!!

I can't wait to get started!!!!!! perhaps after a good nights sleep