Monday, 30 April 2012

Just another small town :)

You know you live in a rural community when....

1.The ute you just passed has a dead sheep in the back.

2.You can smell your neighbours cooking lambs tails.

3.The farmers all leave their dirty gumboots out side the shop before entering.

4.They change anything when it accidently falls on the start of Duck Shooting.

5.You understand and use the words fage, smoko, boi, feeding out.

6.Tractors driving down the residential roads is just another day.

7.You have lived somewhere for over a decade and are still new to town :)

8.Your town holds a 'Running of the Lambs' down the main street.

.........and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Things i'm loving

So these are the things i am totally loving this week. My Mum gave me a box of stuff last weekend and there were some treasures in it....

My high school year books!!!!! Was so fun to look back and remember

This was my hot water bottle cover i had when i was little!!! Still super cute

I have been wanting this for a while. Mums Crown Lynn swan vase. It really is so beautiful. Now just have to decide where to put it...???

These travel cups are so special to me. They were my grandparents and wherever we went anywhere with them they would come with us, along with a full thermos, usually beef tea. (Did anyone else ever have beef tea???) I was so stoked to receive these, such special happy memories.

Shots of my Dad. He passed away when i was 11, actually on my 11th birthday. So pretty much anything of his is super special to me and my sisters. I just love these photos. They were taken when he turned 21 and are awesome. 

Make sure you stop by PaisleyJades blog and check out the button to the right 'Things I'm Loving'

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday outfit

Top: Glassons
Skirt: Instinct

Belt: Kmart
Tights: Shanton $3!!!!! on special
Ballet Flats: No1

Ok so I have thought for a while I would like to do some outfit posts. But man it's so hard to get a good pic!!!!! Next time i should put up all my lame-o shots just to prove how many times i had to take a picture to actually get one that is half decent!!!

I have a few probs. 

1: My camera is lame. It's really old and bad and often turns it'self off so the whole process takes ages just cause of that.

2: I have to use self timer as the kids are all at school and Tama is at work so that's is always a pain.

3: It's really hard finding somewhere to put the camera and get the shot so i actually have my feet and head in it at the same time!!!

4: When taking the pic outside either the sun is totally in my eyes so i am squinting really bad (Hence the sunnies) or our puppy tilly walks in front of the camera just as it is going off.

Oh well i got it in the end. Hopefully this will not be my one and only outfit post :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to improve this process.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Weekend Wedding!!!

So we went to Tama's cousins wedding in wellington this weekend. It was so lovely and we had such a great time. On request of the bride and groom no pics can go up untill they get back from their honeymoon, which is such a great idea so i will only pop up some of my wedding outfit. Will do another post soon about all the great details and the beautiful bride!!!

Check out my cool hair accessory thanks to our local $2 shop!!!

Me and Tama, waiting for the bride to arrive :)

Cape: borrowed but from Fruiti on Cuba street yay

Dress: Glassons
Belt: kmart
Fave heels: Nine West

Little flats for reception and dancing :): No 1

The cutest bag ever!!!: Kmart, chosen by my 8yr old daughter (She has such a great sense of style )

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Morning out in the school holidays :)

My eldest daughter is doing a history assignment on the Napier earthquake so we decided to take a trip to the CHB Settlers Museum this morning.

We had a really good time and the little ones totally loved it all. They pumped the water and played with the old telephones and ovens, enjoyed looking at the chainsaws and old farm equipment, lots of interesting things to see.

My favourite moment was when my 8 year old daughter asked where the screen was on the typewriter!!!!!!!!! Then called her older sister over to come see it saying "come and look at the cool old fashioned computer"!!!!!!!!!! wow times have changed and only in like 15 years!!!

I also had to show them how to use the dial phone, one day they will be showing their children how to use a button cell phone.

Good times in the school holidays :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kony 2012 update

Watch it, share it

One great holiday

So last year me, Tama, our youngest daughter and Tama's parents took a trip to aussie!!!! It was such a great holiday and we had so much fun. We went to the gold coast, sea world, movie world, Australia Zoo (Yes it really is just the best and made me sad thinking about steve, the crocodile hunter) and then Tama and i went to Sydney to stay with our really good friends!!!!

It was one of those holidays that i will always remember and was over too soon. We had these dreams of moving over, and running in the mornings beside the sea, having brunch in the cafes, taking the ferry over to the Sydney Opera House, scanning and picking through the markets for hours. But these are the moments of holidays, not my everyday life, and really thats what makes holidays special.

Tell me about one of your favourite places?

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter fest...Survivor styles

We had an amazing long weekend at easterfest our annual youth event. SO great to see God at work in the young people lives, they came ready and expectant and the Holy Spirit showed up big time, woohoo.

We made the most of the terrible weather the week before and made a mud pit. Tilly our puppy enjoyed it too :)

Our theme was survivor and we even had an exile island!!!!! The most amazing tree hut ever. The guys built it a couple of weeks before. The team who won the challenge for the day got to vote one team to spend the night in it. However it was so awesome everyone wanted to sleep in it.

My Daughter play the keys and sings in the fuel band who led us in the best worship over the weekend. I was a proud mum :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

LENT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today lent finishes for our family!!!!! i am so excited. We as a family chose to do only water for drinks!!!! and boy was it HARD. We also did it for the whole term so although lent does not officially finish until Sunday i think, we are finishing today as it is the last day of term.

Last year we did no tv, and i tell you this has been WAY harder. As we go into Easter, i am reminded of the life giving sacrifice Jesus made and am looking forward to the most significant holiday of our year.....and a nice cup of tea :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

the fluffy pencil case

So my youngest daughter had a bit of a sad weekend. She found out her best friend is moving :( We are all pretty upset as the family is pretty special to us.

To cheer her up we popped into town (I use that work loosely as we only have one main street of shops, small towns gotta love them!!!) as she wanted to buy a fluffy pencil case.

Well due to the a fore mentioned lack of shops we could not find one anywhere. I suddenly remembered i had a whole lot of fluffy fabric in a variety of shades and off we went home to make one.

She has a great sense of style and chose the purple fluffy and aqua vintage zip!!! very cool.One pencil case made in about half an hour and one happy wee girl, yay