Friday, 27 April 2012

Things i'm loving

So these are the things i am totally loving this week. My Mum gave me a box of stuff last weekend and there were some treasures in it....

My high school year books!!!!! Was so fun to look back and remember

This was my hot water bottle cover i had when i was little!!! Still super cute

I have been wanting this for a while. Mums Crown Lynn swan vase. It really is so beautiful. Now just have to decide where to put it...???

These travel cups are so special to me. They were my grandparents and wherever we went anywhere with them they would come with us, along with a full thermos, usually beef tea. (Did anyone else ever have beef tea???) I was so stoked to receive these, such special happy memories.

Shots of my Dad. He passed away when i was 11, actually on my 11th birthday. So pretty much anything of his is super special to me and my sisters. I just love these photos. They were taken when he turned 21 and are awesome. 

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1 comment:

  1. Oh I love those pics of your dad, super special.

    My grandparents also had those cups! But I have NEVER heard of beef tea!!!

    Love your loving xx