Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday outfit

Top: Glassons
Skirt: Instinct

Belt: Kmart
Tights: Shanton $3!!!!! on special
Ballet Flats: No1

Ok so I have thought for a while I would like to do some outfit posts. But man it's so hard to get a good pic!!!!! Next time i should put up all my lame-o shots just to prove how many times i had to take a picture to actually get one that is half decent!!!

I have a few probs. 

1: My camera is lame. It's really old and bad and often turns it'self off so the whole process takes ages just cause of that.

2: I have to use self timer as the kids are all at school and Tama is at work so that's is always a pain.

3: It's really hard finding somewhere to put the camera and get the shot so i actually have my feet and head in it at the same time!!!

4: When taking the pic outside either the sun is totally in my eyes so i am squinting really bad (Hence the sunnies) or our puppy tilly walks in front of the camera just as it is going off.

Oh well i got it in the end. Hopefully this will not be my one and only outfit post :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to improve this process.


  1. Love your outfit, those tights are awesome, a great bargain!! I drove past Shanton earlier and they have a half price sale, I might go back later and check it out :) x

  2. I LOVE your tights! SO much! They are awesome awesome awesome. And your little belt is very cute. You should join in with Wardrobe Wednesday over at Sailor Spy - you'd fit right in!