Wednesday, 4 July 2012

my 15 year old :)

Sometimes i find it hard to believe i have a 15 year old!!!! 2.5 more years and she will be at uni!!!! eeekkk. I remember being 15 so clearly, and really i think my daughter has it so much more together than i did. She is amazing and i love her.

Monday, 2 July 2012

My new china cabinet!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is my new china cabinet!!!! i Love it. I brought it for my self for mothers day :) saved Tama thinking of something. Had a bit of trouble with no key to open it once i got it home!!!! but nothing the trusty friendly local locksmith couldn't fix ;). It is in my lounge and sometimes i just look at it and sigh happily.

Lol it looks like everything is in a wee prison.

Don't you love the gravy boat and matching egg cups!!!! they were my grandmothers

Finally found a home for my crown lynn swan.