Monday, 30 September 2013

Anchor Me

So my 10yr old daughter has a great sense of style. Always has. I remember going into a shop with her when she was only about 3.5 and her getting belts and handbags she thought would go with the clothes I was buying. She always got it right.

We picked up these awesome high tops from cotton on the other day and I thought it would be cool to customise them. After a quick convo she decided on anchors, how styley is she :) So after picking out a cool colour thread and working out the size of the anchor we were off.

Here's a simple how to customise your own.


Start with your high top :)

Draw an outline of your chosen design onto your shoe with pencil. It's always a good idea to have a practice first on a piece of paper to make sure you get it just right.

Carefully stitch in your design following the pencil outline as a guide.

There we have it!!!! The finished product, that wasn't so hard was it :)

Once we finished we decided to put in some cool pink laces we had which I think really makes them look awesome.

The finished product and the happy customer.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Favourite Things

I have so many quirky, random things in my house. I feel like I don't really have an exact style that I adhere too. But I do love vintage, retro stuff. I love the stories behind pieces of furniture or ornaments that are passed down or that are found while rummaging through antique stores. Pretty much every thing in my house I could give you an exact run down of where it's from, who it's from and of course why I love it!

We are going to show you bits of world, piece by piece in this blog. Our favourite places, furniture, shops, food (yum!) and heaps more.

Today, these are a few of my favourite things. Enjoy!

 I love my retro fan, it is the best thing when it comes to our blazing Hawkes Bay summers! It was a gift from Jono a couple of christmas' ago.

 I recently turned 27... old I know ;p This amazing jug was a gift from Mim! I love it!!! It's purpose is actually a measuring jug, but it is potentially way too pretty for that, so may instead be a permanent feature on my kitchen bench.

 Jono's Granny and late Grandad were presented with this amazing clock when they left their church in 1950!!! (See plaque below) Grandad passed the clock onto us not long before he passed away. It takes pride and place on our mantle piece above the fire.

 These are my 3 WillowTree pieces. I'd love to have more one day! The jewellery box was a gift for my 21st, the man and pregnant woman was a gift for Mothers Day from Jono when I was pregnant with our daughter and finally the Angel of Miracles was a gift I gave my mum before she passed away from cancer, when she died she left it for me.

Owls: Typo
WillowTree ornaments: WillowTree
Wall plaque: Objx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Work Day Weekly Wears

One of the cool things about working in a professional environment is the clothes!!!! Yay!!!
So, one of the regular post we have decided on is Work Day Weekly Wears. 

Because one of my roles is part time Art teacher I decided creativity and colour would be a fashion fav.

So enjoy week one.

Dress: Cotton on
Jeans: Factorie
Converse: Shoe Connection
Belt: Glassons
Heart Ring: Pandora

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hello world... We have been asleep

After months of not having the time or energy to blog now I have started working, I decided to ask Kate to join me and reinvent stitchitupandstitchitdown. I love blogging and really wanted to keep the blog going but with work and my whanau just didn't ever manage to find time to post. 

Kate is an amazing creative person who also loves reading blogs and we have such similar tastes and passions, it seemed like the perfect fit.

So here we are! From here on our things are going to be fresh, exciting, new and inspiring... We hope ;p 

We can't wait to try new things from crafts, fashion looks, recipes, diy and of course updating you all on what goes on in our world. It's going to be fun trying out new things and hopefully inspiring you on your journey as many of you have inspired us.

Bring it on
 Kate & Mim