Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Favourite Things

I have so many quirky, random things in my house. I feel like I don't really have an exact style that I adhere too. But I do love vintage, retro stuff. I love the stories behind pieces of furniture or ornaments that are passed down or that are found while rummaging through antique stores. Pretty much every thing in my house I could give you an exact run down of where it's from, who it's from and of course why I love it!

We are going to show you bits of world, piece by piece in this blog. Our favourite places, furniture, shops, food (yum!) and heaps more.

Today, these are a few of my favourite things. Enjoy!

 I love my retro fan, it is the best thing when it comes to our blazing Hawkes Bay summers! It was a gift from Jono a couple of christmas' ago.

 I recently turned 27... old I know ;p This amazing jug was a gift from Mim! I love it!!! It's purpose is actually a measuring jug, but it is potentially way too pretty for that, so may instead be a permanent feature on my kitchen bench.

 Jono's Granny and late Grandad were presented with this amazing clock when they left their church in 1950!!! (See plaque below) Grandad passed the clock onto us not long before he passed away. It takes pride and place on our mantle piece above the fire.

 These are my 3 WillowTree pieces. I'd love to have more one day! The jewellery box was a gift for my 21st, the man and pregnant woman was a gift for Mothers Day from Jono when I was pregnant with our daughter and finally the Angel of Miracles was a gift I gave my mum before she passed away from cancer, when she died she left it for me.

Owls: Typo
WillowTree ornaments: WillowTree
Wall plaque: Objx


  1. Decoration piece are very beautiful . My favorite piece is cup with spoon
    world population

  2. I too love them! I'm constantly admiring them whenever I'm in the kitchen!