Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hello world... We have been asleep

After months of not having the time or energy to blog now I have started working, I decided to ask Kate to join me and reinvent stitchitupandstitchitdown. I love blogging and really wanted to keep the blog going but with work and my whanau just didn't ever manage to find time to post. 

Kate is an amazing creative person who also loves reading blogs and we have such similar tastes and passions, it seemed like the perfect fit.

So here we are! From here on our things are going to be fresh, exciting, new and inspiring... We hope ;p 

We can't wait to try new things from crafts, fashion looks, recipes, diy and of course updating you all on what goes on in our world. It's going to be fun trying out new things and hopefully inspiring you on your journey as many of you have inspired us.

Bring it on
 Kate & Mim