Friday, 7 September 2012

Pinterest and red velvet cupcakes

Just made a pinterest page, yay, check it out. Also had my first ever red velvet cupcake the other day!!!!!!! so sooo soooooo good :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Fathers day: My Dad

So it was fathers day in NZ yesterday. A bit of a funny old day as my Dad died when I was 11. Some years it's all good and other years I find it quite hard. Yesterday at church people were sharing what their Dads have taught them, what they love about them, the best advice they have even given them etc. I was sitting there eyes brimming with tears trying not to let them fall out of my eyes (as i put it:) It's all good to cry i know and have people comfort you, but it was a moment I just wanted to have alone.

So the last 24 hours got me thinking about my Dad and all the things he taught me in the 11 years I got to have with him. Not enough at all, but i can tell you, those 11 years were the best, he was the best Dad ever.

My Dad taught me to love children, create exciting programmes for them, tell amazing stories, whistle when it's dinner time, present your work well, keep your bike clean, put up all your camping gear and get your site totally set up before you go off and have fun, sing silly songs, love jesus, be confident, have an open home, laugh loudly when watching funny tv programmes.

I miss him, he was one of the good ones.