Thursday, 12 April 2012

One great holiday

So last year me, Tama, our youngest daughter and Tama's parents took a trip to aussie!!!! It was such a great holiday and we had so much fun. We went to the gold coast, sea world, movie world, Australia Zoo (Yes it really is just the best and made me sad thinking about steve, the crocodile hunter) and then Tama and i went to Sydney to stay with our really good friends!!!!

It was one of those holidays that i will always remember and was over too soon. We had these dreams of moving over, and running in the mornings beside the sea, having brunch in the cafes, taking the ferry over to the Sydney Opera House, scanning and picking through the markets for hours. But these are the moments of holidays, not my everyday life, and really thats what makes holidays special.

Tell me about one of your favourite places?

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  1. these photos are fabulous. i live an hour north of sydney, love to visit the city often. But you're right - holidays are oh so different to real life. x