Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I got it right!!!!

So i don't always get my parenting right, often, too often, i get it really wrong. But yesterday I got it right woohoo!!!!!

It was time for my sons piano practice after school. He was not keen on the idea and had spent a bit of time playing games on his ipod. I sent him off to the piano to do his practice.

Well for about 15mins he crashed and banged on the piano playing not what anyone would call music mucking around, very grumpy.

My usual response would have been to go in tell him off, try the 'wait till your father gets home' but i thought mmmmm, no.

So i asked him if maybe he needed some time outside playing around and then could come in and practice. He shrugged and grunted, yay pre pubescent!!!! Then i had a brain wave, how about we both go outside and play some soccer.

We had the best half an hour tackling each other and trying soccer skills, his ever so slightly better than mine lol, and after he came straight inside and did his piano practice without a grumble.

It was by far the best part of my day. A new technique and a happy household and he even agreed to pose for a pic for my blog!!!

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