Monday, 12 March 2012


This weekend we headed to my mums to help her move all her furniture for her new carpet. After that was done and before our trip to the warehouse to buy bey blades and la la loopsys (small town+ trip to city=warehouse visit) we went to visit Poppy, my granddad. We took Tilly our new puppy to see him and he totally loved her.

My kids have been so fortunate to have so many great grandparents. Unfortunately due to two of them passing away a year ago i only have Poppy left.

It's always hard to visit him. He often forgets who i am and makes up funny stories about what he has been up too. Its hard because i just want to remember who he was and not what old age is doing to him. He will be 94!!!! this year so has had a pretty awesome life.

But he really enjoys our visits, i am sure. And i always feel great taking the kids too see him.

I didn't take my camera in but his pic was taken as christmas when we went in for his resthome christmas party, always the joker :)

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  1. He looks like such a character :) It IS hard to see what old age does :( My grandma has never done well since my granddad passed away a few years ago. He was also quite the joker :) I can imagine he LOVES your visits. What a great family weekend!