Thursday, 15 March 2012

Quilt in a day!!!

So a good friend had a wee baby boy and i knew i wanted to make her something really nice. I had got some super cute fabric with mice and cherrys on it and decided I would create something using that.

So I decided to make a rag quilt and wow how quick and easy are these babies!!!! I was so stoked with how it turned out and think this will def be my top pick for new baby pressies.

The whole thing took prob about 5 hours, which is not too bad.

The thing with rag quilts that make them look all snugly and nice is the great fluffy edges. I washed this one twice to get the edges fluffing up, but the more it gets washed the better it will look!

The back of the quilt

Heart with the babys initials

Heart with my initials and date, don't you just love blanket stitch!!!

A close up of the nice fluffy seams


  1. That is so pretty! I love the fluffiness :)

  2. This is really cute - I love the fluffy seams - fab! I would love to try quilting and eventually make a quilt for each of my kids. Like you, I have four, so it might take a while....! These seams might appeal to one of them though - I found you via kiwimummyblogs - your blog is lovely!

    1. Totally make these quilts for your kids!!!!! they are so simple and they will love them :)