Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pinterest Challenge: The Hair Bow

How many of you have a pinterest page??? How many of you pin all these amazing things but never actually do any of them??? .....Yip me too :)

We thought it would be cool to actually 'do' some of the things we pin on pinterest so this week is our first Pinterest Challenge post.

Recently my kids had a wacky hair day and I thought it was a great opportunity to try out the hair bow I found on pinterest here. Kinda funny the girl on pinterest looks sooo like my daughter and even has VERY similar hair, funny.

Its so simple to do and super quick, it turned out really well and my daughter loved it.

So here we go....

First put the hair into a high pony tail. 

Next, with a second hair tie, loop the hair towards the front leaving enough hair to pull back and twist around.

Split the hair in half and take the tail of the hair and separate the two halves. Use bobby pins to secure the ends at the back. And there we have it, a hair bow!!!

And because it was wacky hair day we sprayed ours, but this step is not necessary for everyday wear ;)



  1. This is so cute!! I saw a friend's wedding photos the other day and her flowergirls had their hair done like this!