Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cake Pop Cake

This is the cake I made for Mim's sons 13th birthday. I'm kinda obsessed with cake pops at the moment, they're potentially my new fav thing... I mean, cake. on a stick. covered in chocolate... with sprinkles! Hello heaven!

I was keen to give this cake pop cake a go, and for a first attempt it wasn't too shabby!

 First I pre made cake pops using my fabulous cake pop mould that I showed you in my cake pop galore post (see here). These are made from a basic vanilla cake recipe found on the chelsea sugar website... my go to recipe guide.

I lined the bottom of the tin with baking paper and also sprayed with cooking spray to ensure nothing would stick, you can't be too careful! By this stage I had also pre made the chocolate cake mixture using the same chocolate cake recipe I used for the cake pops, see the link above.

Pour half the mixture into the tin then place the cake pops in mixture. Pour the remaining mixture on top so the cake pops are well covered. Then bake for appropriate amount of time. This cake required 50 mins at 180 degrees.

Fresh out of the oven. Note I made two replica chocolate cakes as i wanted a two tier birthday cake!

 The finished product! A mighty two tier chocolate cake held together with chocolate butter cream icing and completed with basic chocolate icing. Topped for four remaining cake pops iced with melted white chocolate and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. 
I would say this cake is well and truly fit for a 13 year old boy!

 The big reveal, thank goodness it worked!!!

A perfect yellow cake pop. Yum!

On reflection. For anyone reading this thinking they would love it give this a try! Do! It's not actually that hard.
There are however a few things I would do differently next time I make this delicious treat.

1. When making the cake pops I would only choose the brightest colours to be included. The green and purple pops did not show up in the chocolate mixture.
2. I would possibly use the vanilla recipe or something similar as the main cake base as well, for two reasons; for the cake pops to really stand out and because for some reason the cake pops didn't sit very deep in the chocolate cake mixture and I wonder if that is because of the different densities.
3. If I attempt a two tier cake again I am going to invest in a cake leveler to take of the mound that naturally forms when the cake is cooked so that the 2 cakes sit flush against each other.

Let me know if you give this a go! I would love to hear how you got on.
Much love,


  1. YUM! And so fun looking, nice one Kate!! I'd never seen cake pops before, so cool!
    For the Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 1 tonight, I'm choosing between a Victoria Sponge http://www.jamieshomecookingskills.com/recipe.php?title=classic-victoria-sponge-with-all-the-trimmings and Butterfly Cakes http://www.allysongofton.co.nz/recipe/Butterfly-Cakes/?r=1844....can't decide!