Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Office space DIY part two: Recovering the Chair

So as part of my office space DIY I was really keen to find some cool fabric to recover the chair with. I was all set to head off to spotlight until I looked in my stash and found some perfect fabric.

I had already used it once when I recovered Tamas office chairs and I  realised it would be just the thing for my new motivational space.

It really was the quickest DIY ever, literally 10 minutes!!!! All you need is:

  • An old chair in need of a makeover
  • Some fabric (I used upholstery fabric so I know it will wear well)
  • Gun stapler
  • Sewing scissors
  • A screw driver

So here's the chair before I began. Pretty ugly old fabric but the chair it's self is in pretty good condition. The first thing to do is too unscrew the top from the frame. Pretty easy and would be easier if you had a drill rather than an old fashioned screw driver.

The next job is to lay the seat on your fabric and cut around it. Make sure you leave enough fabric to put up and staple. Once you have done that you just gun staple all the way around and boom you are done.

Screw the top back on the chair base and your DIY is complete!!!

I am stoked with the results and cant wait for the rest of my DIY office space to be completed.

Arohanui Mim


  1. I love quick satisfying makeovers like this! And I love the fabric! Great choice :)

    1. Awesome, I love the fabric too!!! cant wait to finish the space off