Sunday, 9 February 2014

Office space DIY part one: The thinking and planning

So unfortunately we do not have an office. We live in a house with six people, a cat a dog and only one living space and no spare bedrooms. Every small bit of space is taken up with something. I have got pretty good at over the years utilising our space well. I will admit I think I do however frustrate my husband when I come home with yet another cool find and have to find a home for it.

When you walk into our backdoor we have a small tiled space with a chair and tiny dumping ground desk :) This is the space I have decided to do some DIY on, and I am excited about it!!!!

This year I am going back to the books, in-between work and family, and doing some more study. I haven't started it yet and I think one of the reasons is I just have no where to actually set stuff up and begin! I actually began to get depressed just thinking about the tiny desk and wondering how on earth I was going to make room for my books, computer, notes etc.

So after having a bit of think and talking to tama we have decided to clean the space out and I am going to DIY that puppy over.

We are checking out an old desk of my grandfathers, I am on the hunt for some inspiring fabric to recover the chair, pinboard, fancy stationary, storage boxes or baskets and maybe some art work.

Stay tuned for hopefully what will become the space that inspires me as I begin my somewhat unknown venture into my masters.

I would love to see some of your work spaces you have set up that inspire you to work, be it study, sewing, craft or kitchen.

Arohanui mim


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  2. How exciting!! I'm in awe though mim.. How do you do it?!! Can't wait to see the results of this makeover :)

    1. lol I am not sure I can do it yet kate!!!!! but i laid out a fleece and God came to the party so am just going to jump in boots and all ha ha. Have just spent the morning cleaning out the space so am looking fwd to setting thing up :)