Thursday, 7 November 2013

Rainbow Party (part three)

Months ago I decided a Rainbow themed Party was the go for my daughters 1st birthday.
With that sorted, I started to think about what food I would like to have!

It was fun researching food ideas for rainbow parties and seeing what others had done. Pinterest was where it was at! So many fantastic ideas.
My husband thought I was a little obsessed, but hey, when have I ever got to host a 1st birthday party, let alone my own daughters!!!! He got over that when it came to party time and got to eat all the yummy food I'd prepared.

The party was a shared BBQ lunch followed by a Rainbow afternoon tea which was done by yours truly. It was a flippin mission doing it all, but luckily I had my sisters to watch my daughter so I spent most of the day prior to the party frantically baking! We got there in the end.

Check out the Rainbow spread and enjoy :)
Much love,

Truffles were made by my sister in law and they were to die for!!!!
Fruit kebabs with pinapple, green and red grapes and strawberries.
 Vanilla cupcakes iced with butter cream icing and coloured with food colouring gels.
 Bowls of Cadbury drops, Pebbles and Skittles
 Cake pops using my trusty chocolate cake recipe (found here), iced in white chocolate and coloured with food colouring and finished off with hundreds and thousands.
Rainbow Jelly in cups (Let's not get into how hard that was)
 The cake!
 That moment, when you cut into it and you find that it actually worked! A beautiful Butter cake made up of 6 layers using food colouring gels, iced with cream cheese icing between the layers and covered with lemon icing.
Me with my creation.
The birthday girls seal of approval :)

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