Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rainbow Party (part two)

About two weeks prior to the party I started checking the weather forecast like a mad woman. It obviously kept changing by the day. But I was faithful and was praying my heart out for a sunny Hawkes Bay day, which is exactly what we got!

I'd always pictured the party to be outside in the sunshine, embracing the start of our amazing summer! It was so perfect!

We have a pretty blank canvas back yard. Both Jono and I are not avid gardeners, but we sure do grow some sweet weeds :) It's ideal for hosting bbq's and get togethers as there is nothing but grass, which means we can add our own touches and it looks like a new place!

Have a look at the decorations we chose to turn our yard into the party zone.
Much love,

 Rainbow bunting made by Jono. Each triangle represented a month of our daughter's life.
 Fabric covered balloons all in rainbow formation. I was annoyed they didn't stand up straight and then Jono informed me I needed the things below. Lame. But they still looked cool and Mim has since claimed the fabric for her own DIY.

 Drink station, complete with mini milk bottles filled with punch and chevron paper straws in rainbow colours.

 Giant Jenga was a hit. This is when it was being used as it was created. About an hour later these guys were using them as a jumps on their scooters!
 A cosy tent shelting everyone from the hot hawkes bay sun. You can purchase these tents here.
 6 empty glass jars filled with a colour of the rainbow each and white flowers. Looked perfect on the table.
About our girl.
 The Rainbow afternoon tea in all it's rainbow glory. 
Come back tomorrow for the final part of this party madness, the food!

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