Thursday, 23 August 2012

Recovering old chairs Part 1

So Tama and a whole lot of helpers and trades people have been building and doing up the work space over at epic. It has been quite a long in all this year but the results are fantastic. 
How many of you have ever done up an old house and then tried to make it into office space???? Not quite as easy as we first thought... ok so not quite as easy as I first thought. Tama said he knew it would come with complications.

As epic were doing it on a budget they couldn't afford to do it re piling. So in places if you put a ball on the ground it just rolls right to the other side of the room ha ha. I should pop some before after pics up, they really have done a fab job. 

They also have built two new office spaces which is just great and look super flash but totally tie into the existing building which is great.

Due to the lack of funds I decided to save a bit of $$$ and re do some old chairs. The frames were sweet as so all they needed was re covering. 

It was a bit more complex than a first thought, isn't it always, but the end result is fab, i love them :) At the moment we have no camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apart from tamas iphone so i will only put up the 'before' pics and then pop the others up later in the week. 

As you can see from the pics the arms and legs are in great condition but the terrible red faded ripped covers not so much. There were four chairs in total so not too much to do.

Stay tuned for the big reveal (ha ha love that cheesy statement)

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