Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Homemade Bunting

So I am a bit of a bunting maker, I LOVE it. I love how quick and simple it can be or tricky if you want to add embellishments, and how it can just tie any room together. 

These are two of my latest projects. The first is 'engagement bunting' One of my very best friends is getting married. She is really creative and quirky and loves autumn tones so I decided to create some engagement bunting for them. I really wanted to give them something handmade and something that was unique to them and found some really great fabric, some I had and some I thrifted. 

I am so stoked with the end result. And yay they loved it too.

I enjoyed adding doilies I had found, I think they just added a neat touch

This next one is for my friends daughter for her 3rd birthday. She always wears these colours so I was stoked to find fabric that all worked in together well. My favs are the little scotty dogs and the wee birds.

Yay bunting love


  1. Cute love bunting - I really need to make some more of it - i haven't done fabric stuff yet! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment too :o) (love that we have the same name!)

    1. totally you don't meet many miriams :) do you get called mim?

  2. Loving bunting. Rachel mentioned that you had a blog that I should check out. Glad that I did.