Thursday, 7 June 2012

Almost a month!!!!!!!!!

So it's been almost a month since my last post!!!! 
We have been super busy with life. Me writing assignments, kids on school camp and Tama heading off to Thailand!!!! check out the blog to find out what he and the others he went with are up too, it's pretty exciting.  

He also got himself a new toy!!! an iphone, and after playing on it i am officially hooked. Thanks to me downloading instagram, hence the pics below, enjoy :)

My handsome husband and now intrepid traveller

Birthday party time, 9 year old yeehhaaawww

A cool shot out the church office window, just cause i could :)

Me and my baby

Me and instagram, my new love (yes yes i realise i am a bit behind the 8 ball this has been round for a while :)

                                                            Peace out, mim


  1. Love the photos, instagram is fun :D

  2. in your second last picture you look just like jess from new girl!!!!
    what is your name on instagram?

    1. i LOVE new girl :) mmm to be honest i am not sure about the instagram name. But when i get my OWN i phone lol i will