Thursday, 10 May 2012

How to make a simple baby blanket

So my sister has just had a baby!!!!!!!!!! We are off to New Plymouth to visit and i am so excited. I really love giving handmade gifts especially to new babies. She already has some lovely woolen blankets made by our Grandma so I didn't think she needed one of those. 

I came up with the idea to do a soft blanket that she could pop on the ground when she wanted to pop the baby down but not put her on the floor.

I got this beautiful soft winsette fabric in two different colours So she could pick which side she wanted to use. It also has a quilted inner so it makes it extra soft. 

Here's what to do: Pick some fabric, you could choose the same for both sides or different.

 Next i cut both pieces the same size. I did these just under a meter square. Make sure you place the right sides together.

Next cut you quilt wadding the same size again to fit

I then pinned all three layers together. This is so when you sew it, it comes out flat and none of the fabric layers bunch anywhere. If you have ever made a quilt this is part of the process. I pinned prob a fist apart all over the whole blanket.

The next step is to sew all three layers together. I used an over locker but a straight stitch leaving a 10cm edge would be totally fine too. Make sure you leave a gap to pull it all through and take the pins out after you have sewn it.

Once pulled through you need to sew up the gap. I just did a running stitch.

How it looks all sewn up.

And there we have it!!!!!!!!!!!! so simple and so soft and nice. Easy to pop in the machine and wash too.

I can't wait to wrap my neice up in this!!!!!


  1. That is so cute, I love the fabric :)

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have aspirations to make a quilt blanket, so this would be a great start! Have a lovely time cuddling the new baby :o)

  3. This is just such a lovely idea. Congratulations on your neice I am sure she will love the handmade gift.