Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A New Adventure

So for those of you who might be wondering why I have not done a follow up post on my office space DIY I thought I would fill you in. Now I realise there are probably only about %1 of you who actually are a tiny bit interested in my office space, not really the most exciting blogging :) but I thought I would share the progress.

About the same time as the new office space was discussed an amazing opportunity came up for our family. We are relocating to a log house!!!!!!!! Thats right, a genuine hand built by a dear friend, log house!!!

So the office space ended up being a quick, very underwhelmeing, not fit for a post DIY and the move became our new focus.

We move in 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's still in the same area just 15 minutes out of town so the kids will stay at the same schools and tama and I will continue on with our jobs.

We feel so blessed to have a new adventure to go on with our family. My 16yr old daughter perhaps the least keen. In her words when seeing our new abode exclaimed "So we are moving to a glorified tramping hut!!!!" (read it loud with teenage disgust in your voice and you will get the picture).

The others are as excited as tama and I. Lots of space to ride our motorbikes, fun for tilly the dog and chandler the kitten, a space for chickens, a stream for eeling, trees to climb and make huts in, space, silence and adventure!

We are hoping what we spend on fuel we will save on power (it has solar panels!!!!!) But really it's just a lets try it and see!!!!

So I will carry on with my sorting and packing. I took a break from sorting all my craft stuff to write this post. 

Heres to our new adventure :)

Arohanui Mim

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