Wednesday, 29 February 2012

To name or not???......

So obviously i am new to this whole blogging thing, and just in case one day I do actually get some people reading it :) I thought i would ask for your blogging opinions.
It's all about privacy, with the kids. So far i have not mentioned names of them or my husband.
But I am a bit of a name addict. I LOVE hearing what people have called their kids, funny though when it comes to your own!!!
I have posted pics of them on facebook, not heaps, but still some. I have used their names there so i guess I could totally use them on here. But my facebook is not accessed by the world.
So what are your thoughts????


  1. Personally I name because I think it's easier, but I've seen blogs do it both ways and I think they both work!
    I'm so glad you joined the blog world! Good luck on you journeys!

  2. thanks kelly, my first comment woohoo :)