Saturday, 20 April 2013

Art Deco Summer

So for this year Tamas birthday fell on Art Deco day. For those of you not in New Zealand i will explain a little bit about the day. In 1931 New Zealand suffered it's biggest earthquake (since christchurch that may have changed?) centered in the Hawkes Bay, Napier. 256 people were killed and nearlly all the buildings in the central city of Hastings and Napier were destroyed. A massive rebuild began and due to the style of the time, art deco, Napier boasts the mosts art deco building in the world!!!

Many people travel to Napier from all over the world to visit this historic city.
Each year Napier holds art deco weekend. Remembering the tradegy the earthquake brought, and celebrates the rebuild of this beautfiul city.
Thousands of people gather for the weekend and everyone dresses up and has the best time ever. Marching bands old style music and dancing, cars, planes, steam engines, and of course the clothes.

So a group of us headed up for lunch, dressed in style and joined the crowds.

My family, thanks my charming nearlly 16 year old :) 

It was such a great day and we will do it all again next year, woohoo!!!